PRIME Marketing is our exclusive, full-service marketing system that is designed to sell your property in any real estate market! The Cascade Team will charge a total of 2% compensation to sell your home if the buyer comes unrepresented.

We use the latest technologies to create a worldwide marketing campaign for your property. Then we follow it up with strong negotiating and taking care of the details all the way to closing day.

Property Website


We create a custom website designed just for your property. It looks great on every device and is the foundation of marketing your home. It's loaded with beautiful photography, all of the details, as well as maps, school and neighborhood information. Buyers can even schedule tours right from the site.

Website Features:

Up to 100 high resolution photos
Displays 3D and other virtual tours
School info
Local amenities info
Demographic info
Mapping and directions
Birds eye and satellite views
Schedule a home tour  

 Beautiful Photography

First impressions matter and photos are the first things a buyer sees. That makes great photography a must in any market. To showcase your home, we feature large photos that are sharp, bright and look great anywhere a buyer sees them.

 3D Walkthrough Showcase

Just imagine being able to immerse yourself in a home without actually being there.  This is the 3D experience using Matterport's innovative technology. In real estate, images are a crucial selling point.  They can make or break a home’s perception to potential buyers. A 3D Walkthrough Showcase enhances the marketability of a listing by providing a great experience that static photography cannot match. It provides an engaging way of showing every room from multiple perspectives in a crisp, detailed and realistic manner.   

 Worldwide Internet Marketing

In addition to the local MLS, your property will appear on hundreds of the leading real estate websites and portals around the world. No matter the country or continent, if a buyer is looking for a home online they can find your property. Every week we show how many buyers from around the world visited your property website.

Key areas around the world


Social Media Marketing


We run a full campaign featuring your property on all the major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Twitter and Youtube. Every week we show you how many buyers visited your property website from the social networks.

 Retargeting Ad Campaign

Buyers who viewed your property online will see it advertised again on popular websites and social networks they visit around the internet. It's a great way to keep your property top of mind and encourage potential buyers to take a second look. 

Offer Review Countdown

When an offer is received on your property, the countdown to offer review time begins. We let everyone who toured the property, or inquired about it, know that the last chance to submit an offer has arrived.

Text Message Marketing

Our eco-friendly Text Flyer instantly show buyers all the photos and details just by texting the listing number. Your Cascade Team agent can chat with buyers, set up tours, and alert them about open houses all in real time.

   INRIX Drive Time

The Cascade Team Search function leveraging INRIX Drive Time measures distance in minutes rather than miles, helping real estate agents help their customers purchase the right home.
• Drive Time is based on typical traffic conditions rather than actual traffic, which includes non-recurring activity such as an accident or construction
• With Drive Time, you can analyze the extent of a drive by day of week, time of day and length of journey

Every week we report to you how the marketing activity is going. We will show you how many buyers from around the world viewed your property's website, how many people toured the home in person, and what social networks saw the most activity too.

 Home Assist Powered by ZingFix

When you’re ready to list your home, your agent will work with our coordinator team to secure any needed home renovations. Payment is deferred until home closing, or 180 days and escrow will deduct costs from net proceeds to pay for services rendered.

   Showing Feedback

Our automated system surveys buyers and agents that have toured your property and asks them for their impressions of the exterior, interior, price and more. Every time we received this feedback, we immediately send you and your Cascade Team agent a report.

 Weekly Performance Report

Every week we report to you how the marketing activity is going. We will show you how many buyers from around the world viewed your property's website, how many people toured the home in person, and what social networks saw the most activity too.

 Permanent Smart Flyer 

Our permanent Smart Flyers, never run out, get soggy when it rains, and are bigger than paper flyers. They feature large photos and lots of details about the property. Buyers can text for even more info and photos and also chat with your Cascade Team agent.

Smart Flyer Features:

Large, high quality photos
Never runs out
Text code for more info
Website link
Analytics for responses

Open House

Your Cascade Team agent can host an open house and promote it on all the major real estate websites. We follow up with all the buyers that attended the open house which makes it a great way to quickly get feedback on the property. 

 Free Staging Consultation/Professional Staging As Needed

A home that shows well to buyers is important, so we offer you a free staging consultation with an independent staging expert. They'll visit your home and give you plenty of advice and tips to help make your home really shine and stand out from the competition when it debuts on the market.

1. Sell Your Home as Quickly as Possible
Our staged homes have unparalleled results. With 90% of our homes selling in the first 30 days and often times to the first buyer and the highest bidder, staging with our team is a worthy and affordable investment that will set your home apart and reduce market time.

2. Staging Allows Buyers to Mentally Move In
When a house is staged, it becomes a home to all potential buyers. Our space planning allows buyers to imagine the life they would live there and generates ideas in their mind of how it would feel once they moved in.

3. Stage Your home Instead of Reducing the Listing Price
Builders and sellers can’t afford to not stage their homes because staging increases the home’s perceived value. Staged homes sell for about 6% more on average – if your goal is to sell your home at the best price, your house needs to look its best.

4. Achieve the Wow Factor that Makes Your Home Unforgettable
Staging is one of the most powerful tools available to new home builders, realtors and sellers, leaving a lasting impression on a homebuyer’s mind. With quality service, space planning and furniture, a staged house can exude the feeling of home that will be both welcoming and unforgettable.

5. Highlight Your Home’s Incredible Features
Occupied or vacant, your house deserves the expertise of our design team to showcase your home’s amazing features. If your home is occupied, you may have gorgeous built-ins that are covered by gaming equipment and dvds. A designer can take those built-ins to the next level and emphasize the beauty of the built-ins by de-cluttering and refreshing the space with softly colored and neutral accessories.

6. Disguise the Flaws of the Home
When a home is professionally staged, the flow of the furniture and accessories draw the buyers’ eyes away from distasteful elements and reinvents the home’s flaws into charming features. What may have been too tight, too low or uneven is converted into a beautiful space.

Free Home Warranty

Included in every plan: Our Livable and Forgivable Coverage This means you’ll get coverage for things that aren’t automatically included in many home warranty plans

We cover breakdowns due to:

  • Normal wear and tear — no matter the age of the item
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Rust, corrosion, and sediment
  • Undetectable, pre-existing conditions
  • Mismatched systems and improper installation, repairs, or modifications

And even things like:

  • Removal of defective equipment
  • Refrigerant recapture, reclaim, and disposal
  • Permits and any correction of code violations ($250 or more per agreement term when required during a covered repair or replacement)

Full Service Real Estate

What is a “Fair” amount to pay for real estate compensation?

“Fair” is whatever you and the agent decide is fair, and just as you are not under any obligation to pay more than you want, the agent is not under any obligation to do business with you if they are not going to earn what they expect.

The Cascade Team will charge a total of 2% compensation to sell your home if the buyer comes unrepresented.

This includes full marketing, photography, negotiation and everything in this presentation. For an unrepresented buyer we will also coordinate with the lender, both sides of escrow, attend any inspections, clear full title and handle all details on both sides of the transaction all the way to closing.

You can offer whatever compensation you feel is “Fair” for the buyer’s broker.

That can be a % of selling price, it can be $0.0 or a flat fee such as $500, $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000.

If the Buyers agent doesn’t think that is a fair amount, they have every right to ask for more (With their buyer’s signed permission). You can then agree to that amount or counter with a different or the same number.

If the buyer’s agent asks for more and the offer is less than asking price on your home, you can even counter back with LESS than you originally offered.

Buyer Broker compensation is now fully negotiable just like it was always meant to be!


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