When you’re ready to buy your dream home, you’re committing to living in one location for a while. A great way to find out what it’s like to live somewhere before you commit is doing a little research about the neighborhood you’re interested in.

For example, reading reviews of residents who have shared their firsthand experiences of living in their neighborhoods will help you determine whether the zip code you’re interested in is the right fit for you and your family live in.

So, before you put your money on the line, take a peek around the neighborhood. We won’t use a certain cliché, but there is a reason the pros emphasize location when buying real estate. You can change your house—but you can’t change the neighborhood. And if your…

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Here is your chance to be part of an innovative Real Estate Brokerage that's changing how things are done!

  • Issaquah, WA
  • Full-time
  • Salary: $18.00 to $20.00 /hour

Transaction Duties:

Create Files for New Transactions: Read through contracts and file; ensuring we have mutually signed contracts, and all forms relating to the transaction. Creates commission disbursement forms.

Escrow Duties: Open escrow and assists with communication between agents, escrow, and The Cascade Team; ensuring Escrow receives all pertinent forms for each transaction.

Time Frames and Deadlines: A real estate Transaction Coordinator's job includes paying attention to deadlines for items such as earnest money, inspections, and other related deadlines.

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We are very happy to welcome Karen Williamson and the new Managing Broker for The Cascade Team Spokane.


Learn more about our dynamic new Spokane Managing Broker at the link below!

Karen Williamson

Managing Broker  

The Cascade Team, Spokane


The Cascade Team Real Estate is looking for a dynamic and Broker/Agents for Spokane.

We have closed over 800 Spokane area transactions and are looking for an aggressive Broker/Agents looking to take their careers to the next level of success!

Here is your chance to be part of an innovative Real Estate Brokerage that's changing how things are done!

The Ultimate Agent Experience!

Imagine having clients actually chase after you to list their home….

Then Having a…

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The Cascade Team Real Estate is  looking for a dynamic Managing Brokers and Broker/Agents for Spokane.

We have closed over 300 Spokane area transactions in the past 2 years and are looking for an aggressive leader to help build and manage the Team and take it to the next level of success!

As a Managing Broker you are provided with industry leading tools, training and support to help recruit new agents and prepare them for maximum success. The Cascade Team provides FULL marketing support which you can view HERE along with proprietary back-office lead management and lead generation systems are second to none, and we do more to help promote and sell homes than any other brokerage out there. You need a Managing Brokers License, and good…

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By Joanna Kresge

There are between 3,500 and 4,000 home-based businesses in the 50,000-resident city. “It really is the American dream,” said Deb Sogge, executive director of the chamber. “Our home-based businesses are very eclectic and very interesting. We just have a lot of entrepreneurs here in Sammamish.”

Sammamish’s residential businesses include an Etsy store selling abstract paintings (Betty Krause Art) and an in-home wine cellar complete with tasting room (Fivash Cellars). Sogge said Sammamish’s proximity to large tech companies means the city boasts a high population of college educated, tech-savvy citizens (more than 70 percent of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree), which contributes to the quality of Sammamish’s home…

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