For the first time in nearly two years, the Seattle area no longer leads the nation in home price increases. The monthly Case-Shiller home price index, released Tuesday, showed Las Vegas now claims the title as the nation’s hottest housing market.

The Case-Shiller numbers don’t reflect the full scope of the slowdown however, do in large part to the fact that it includes a three-month moving average through June (things have cooled even more since then), and also because it reflects the entire metro area (Pierce and Snohomish counties haven’t slowed down quite as much as King).

A new analysis from Zillow, using more recent numbers, showed Seattle had the biggest slowdown in housing prices in the country, falling to the 12th hottest housing market…

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The Offer Countdown Timer:

When we at The Cascade Team receive an offer on your listing, we will now activate the offer countdown on your property website with just a couple clicks. The property website will prominently display the timer counting down second by second until the offer review deadline. This will help us promote your home and let potential buyers know that they have a limited amount of time to get an offer in if they would like to potentially purchase your home.

The property website is linked from all kinds of sites like Zillow, Trulia,, Yahoo Homes, Google and many more. We will also promote your listing and the countdown to make offer through social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc..

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  • Home sellers throughout the Seattle region are experiencing a reality check and the days of multiple offers are days of the past.

  • In Seattle and King County supply is at the highest level since first quarter 2015.

  • Gone: Seller luxuries like offer review dates, pre-inspections, and escalation clauses.

  • King County Housing inventory has doubled since March!

  • Seattle is experiencing a self-corrective shift in the market.

  • Many sellers are reaching for their dictionaries to understand the words ‘price reduction’ and ‘increased market time.’”


KIRKLAND, Washington (August 6, 2018) – “Home sellers throughout the Seattle region are
experiencing a reality check and the days of multiple offers…

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Seattle has been arguably one of the hottest housing markets in America, with home prices rising annually by double digits fueled by scorching demand. There is, however, one outside force that is starting to throw cold water on all that heat: new weakness from once-intense Chinese buyers.

The Pacific Northwest city has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the recent wave of Chinese buyers of U.S. real estate. Both Chinese investors and families hoping to send their kids to American universities have fueled demand for housing in Seattle, which has long enjoyed a strong Asian culture.

In just the last two years, that demand increased dramatically. In 2016, nearby Canadian city Vancouver slapped a 25 percent tax on international homebuyers in…

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