Did you buy a home that could use a little touching up, but the projects are larger than your bank account?  Do you want to boost the curb appeal and value of your home, but are looking for simple ideas you can do yourself?

Here are 10 do-it-yourself home projects to boost your homes value! Paint. You can paint your entire house or you can paint just the trim, interior or exterior. Or, paint an accent wall inside. Can't afford new kitchen cabinets? Paint the old ones. The key to painting is in the preparation work, including taping around windows and cutting in around the ceiling. Keep that in mind when budgeting the time a project will take.
  Change your kitchen or bathroom hardware. This is one of the easiest projects you can do to…

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I personally remember moving to the Seattle area in the late 90’s and marveling at how the Summers NEVER got too hot! Who needs air conditioning out here in the Pacific NW? I was from the Southeast where it literally only cooled down to mid to high 80’s at night and the humidity made the air feel like a warm wet blanket most of the time…

Now flash forward and I freely admit that I have climatized and my wife and I have had A/C in our home for the past seven years and I use it all the time! 

Still, when it comes to A/C, most people living the Puget Sound area have the same almost reflexive response — “It only gets really hot for a few days, so who need air-conditioning?” — which is why as a whole homes in our area of the country only have A/C at…

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32 percent of homes across the greater Seattle region had price drops last month, up from 27 percent a year ago and the highest for any June since the end of the housing bust in 2011.

In a nut shell, what a difference a couple of months can make for the local housing market…. We have now gone from bidding wars to price reductions in what seems like the blink of an eye.

So, what’s changed?

The Seattle area and most of Western Washington as a whole has seen the largest home price increases in the country for the last 20 months in a row according to Case-Shiller data. Currently the median house price in Seattle is at $812,500 and on the Eastside the median home price has reached $978,000. All of this has lead to a point where record-high home…

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Join The Cascade Team for the North Bend Block Party! The Cascade Team Real Estate is proud to serve the North Bend community and we look forward to another great experience at this annual celebration of North Bend and all it's great residents and business partnerships that make it one of the most thriving communities in the Northwest! Come by to say hello and get your FREE popcorn and sunglasses give-away - We'll be there from 10-6pm!

The Downtown Block Party is located in the heart of North Bend on North Bend Way between Bendigo Blvd. and Ballarat.

It’s a free event open to the North Bend community. So grab your family and friends – and we'll see you there!

We hope to see you there! If you would like more information on the North Bend Block Party,…

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Are you ready to take your real estate career to the next level? The Cascade Team Real Estate is looking for managing brokers ready to take control of their business and career and partner with a technology forward, service oriented company that is taking markets by storm nation wide.

Our support and compensation package are second to none, and your upward income stream is unlimited! 

  • Branch Manager Opportunities Await!
  • No Franchise Fees
  • Profit Sharing
  • Full Office Support
  • Proven system to recruit, train and retain Agents
  • Marketing support
  • Explosive growth potential
  • Proven plan for Agent success and growth

Call 425-313-4752 or set up an appointment by reaching out to janet@thecascadeteam.com 

While most brokerages…

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We are very happy to announce that The Cascade Team has now entered the Indianapolis area market. Indianapolis will be managed by Paul and Nancy Schulte. Paul and Nancy have worked for FC Tucker the largest Brokerage in Indiana for the past several years and have a wealth of experience. Our office will be located in Carmel Indiana which an affluent suburb of Indianapolis similar with “Eastside” around Seattle on Scottsdale in Phoenix.

We are very excited about this opportunity and happily welcome Paul and Nancy to The Cascade Team family


Indianapolis is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Indiana and the seat of Marion County. As of 2017, Indianapolis is the third most populous city in the American Midwest…

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Isn't a balanced market great!! Wonderful job everyone!!

You can check out all of our Featured Listings HERE

After months of scarce inventory and buyers being frustrated it's wonderful to have a balance where Sellers can still sell for a good price and Buyers can buy without feeling like they are going to "War" to win every property they are interested in. This week The Cascade Team listed 25 New Homes for sale, AND closed 25 transactions for happy Buyers!

Real Estate Success in a Balanced Real Estate Market (Buyers/Sellers/ & Agents)

The Cascade Team provides a full service experience that is a step above; by executing a marketing plan for your home that is technology rich and high in service.  We leverage all available technology tools…

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The contingency-based clause coaxes some sellers by offering them the chance to continue marketing a property, while buyers are given time to sell existing homes.

By Robyn A. Friedman  

What to do when a home-seller gets an offer but holds out hope for something better?

Enter the bump clause.

A bump clause lets sellers enter into a contract with a buyer while still continuing to market the property. If the sellers get a better deal, they can “bump” the original buyer.

It’s most commonly used when a buyer’s offer has some contingency, usually that they need to sell their current home first. It can help coax the sellers into contract by offering them the ability to seek alternate buyers who don’t have a home-sale contingency…

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Brokers seeing “simple economic recipe for a softening housing market”

  • Active Listing Inventory Surges 47%
  • Median Home Price in King County DROPPED 1.6% In June From May
  • New Listings Outgain Sales
  • Fewer Multiple Offers Reported
  • Price Reductions Hit The Housing Market as Sellers Sense Buyers Pulling Back

KIRKLAND, Washington (July 5, 2018) – Home buyers around many parts of Washington state had

more choices and less competition during June, prompting some industry leaders to comment on “a

feeling of change in the market.”


“Inventory is up and demand has dropped,” reported Robert Wasser, an officer with the board of directors

at Northwest Multiple Listing Service. That combination is “a pretty simple economic…

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