Well here we are on the doorsteps of 2017. The past year certainly flew by and was full of surprises and included one of the busiest housing markets we’ve ever seen. Here are several well researched and thought out predictions for the housing market going into 2017, and sprinkled throughout are also a few more “Humorous” predictions that span from Fake News Stories, The Seahawks and even to Marvel Entertainment… We hope you enjoy!

  1. The housing market will continue to boom in 2017, though prices will increase at a slower pace.Strong buyer interest, better access to credit and a modest increase in the number of homes for sale will allow home sales to grow. Home price growth will continue to go up but not as quickly as it did in 2016. Homes will…

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From zoo sparkle to gaudy neighborhood displays, where to trip the holiday lights fantastic!

There's nothing like a stunning display of Christmas and holiday lights to evoke childhood memories. Treat your family to some glowing, electric, "ooh-ahh" joy this season by visiting one of the many spectacular displays lighting up zoos, gardens and neighborhoods.

Seattle area

WildLights. Photo credit: Ryan Hawk

WildLights, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

WildLights Santa. Photo credit: Ryan Hawk

Woodland Park Zoo's annual holiday lights show features wild animals and exotic destination scenes illuminated by more than 600,000 LED lights. Santa will also be visiting WildLights every Friday–Sunday during the lights festival and also…

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  The median home value in 98075 is $889,000. 98075 home values have gone up 13.5% over the past year and The Cascade Team predicts they will rise a minimum of 5.3% within the next year. The median list price per square foot in Sammamish is $303. The median price of homes currently listed in 98075 is $988,000 with the median Sold price for November 2015 coming in at $902,264.   Median price is the midpoint between the highest and lowest price. Median prices give a more accurate picture of pricing because it's not skewed by unusually high or low priced sales. Find out the price of your home.     Additionally Sammamish is one of the "Heathiest" real estate markets in the country. As of the latest national report which was issued…

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

My signs were all out and brochure boxes loaded
The ad copy in and the lock boxes coded

I just wrote an offer with that one perfect buyer
eeghads its so low…they say they won’t go any higher

So I call up my seller with the not so good news
And they agree to meet with me…what have they got to lose?

So we sit at the table and I do what I do best
Crunch numbers, talk deadlines and give it a rest

So the sellers agree and get ready to sign
And then they exclaim… “We’ve got an equity line!”

More crunching and digging to find extra money
The sellers are smiling…but this really isn’t funny

Three months on the market with…

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The Fed hiked its key rate by 25 basis points to a range between 0.50% and 0.75% at Wednesday's meeting. That increase is likely to have an effect on mortgage rates going forward. To that end, The Cascade Team has calculated how the rate hike this week would affect mortgage payments with rates moving up from a 4.0% rate to one with a 4.25% rate. (Please note that the payments are based on borrowers with a minimum 720 credit score and 20% down. Payments also do not include property taxes or any HOA fees or assessments).   One rate hike won't change the world but the process of rising rates affects millions of Americans. If you have a credit card or savings account, invest in stocks or bonds, want to buy a home or a car, pay attention.  


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The Cascade Team is very happy to announce the addition of two new offices.

The first is located in Avondale, AZ and will be managed by Michael Gabriel 

Located in Avondale just off the I-10, our Avondale office team is committed to delivering Simply Outrageous Service to our clients by providing more technology and service than any other local Avondale Realtors, all the while provide unparalleled value. If you have a West Valley home to sell, or are looking to purchase, contact one of our local area real estate agents below.

The Second office is located in Vancouver, WA and will be managed by Gary Firth.

The Cascade Team Real Estate is ready to serve our clients with Simply Outrageous Service. Our Vancouver, WA office is centrally…

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Here is your chance to be part of an innovative Real Estate Brokerage that's changing how things are done. 

We are a FULL Service company with a comprehensive marketing plan, great training and support, and great agents! We save our clients thousands on the sale of their home, give them the support and service level they want, and in the process are building a name for ourselves that is second to none!

Contact Janet Jolly-Porter: janet@TheCascadeTeam.com or 425-830-6743 to set up your appointment to learn more.


It’s time to do the math and elevate your business!

8 (x) the Business (And future referrals) and 7 (X) the Money with INCREASING Inventory up 21%!

1) The average Real Estate Broker in WA does 3.36 deals…

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 By Teke Wiggin

I would be very interested in hearing comments of this topic. At The Cascade Team we already have a "Make An Offer" button on all of our in-house listings, so this is something we could fairly easily modify and do.... But there are definitely some negatives to go along with possible advantages. As an Agent/Broker I would love to hear from you, and also as a home Seller/Buyer I would love to get your thoughts!

How the process works and the arguments for and against its use

  • Brokerages and tech firms are experimenting with "transparent bidding," which shows buyers all the offers made on a listing.
  • Supporters say this fetches top dollar for sellers, but skeptics say that's often not true because it takes away one of their…

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You can still be festive. These tips will help you celebrate — without alienating would-be buyers - BY: Neila Deen   

Selling your home through the holiday season can certainly come with a few challenges. Chilly, wet weather and falling leaves in November and December might mean more raking and shoveling to keep your home pristine. However, the damp weather and dark skies don’t have to squelch your holiday spirit. In fact, the holidays are a perfect time to showcase the warmth and character of your home to prospective buyers.

If you’ve already got the basics of staging under control — meaning you’ve pared down, freshened up and added a splash of color — you’re ready to follow these seven do’s to create an appropriately festive home for sale.

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The Seattle residential real estate market is not taking time off for an end-of-year breather!

  • “Last year’s holiday season ended up being the best time to sell a home around King County”
  • November showed a 13.2 percent drop in inventory of single family homes.
  • November also showed a 31.3 percent spike in closed home sales.
  • And an 11 percent increase in prices compared to the same month a year ago.

KIRKLAND, Washington (Dec. 5, 2016) – Pending sales of homes hit an all-time high for the month of November according to the latest statistics from Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The report covering 23 counties around Washington state also shows the number of new listings added during the month plunged to the lowest level in 11…

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