To protect nearby private and public property from flooding — and to help Issaquah's iconic salmon — a restoration project is happening at Salmon Run Nature Park.

The 2.31-acre park, at Fifth Avenue Northwest and Northwest Juniper Street near Gilman Village, is a passive park with views of Issaquah Creek. The area was formerly known as the Darren Pritt property. 
The project includes habitat restoration along 450 feet of stream, including the addition of more than 100 logs and stumps in the stream to provide pools and refuge for salmon. Excavation in the creek bank and floodplain will provide refuge for salmon during flooding.

Work will add gravel pedestrian pathways and viewpoints in both the City-owned park and along Gilman Village. In…

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Moving and decluttering go hand in hand. After all, what better time to offload all those unwanted belongings than when you’re planning to sell and leave your home? But sometimes home sellers take their inner Marie Kondo a little too far.

From BDSM rooms to snow machines, there have been some epically wacky things that sellers have tried to get off their hands—even, in some cases, the family dog. (That’s ruff!)

Read on for some stories of seller add-ons that sound too wacky to be true—but aren’t.

A dungeon in the master bedroom

Sometimes you can hide the dungeon, and sometimes you can’t. In this instance Dean Ferraro, a real estate agent in Oceanside, CA, was on a listing appointment at a house that was curiously overpriced. Upon…

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When you invite the public to view your listing, you attract many potential buyers who are on the fence and so will give you the runaround. Here are some tips for recognizing some of the people you’ll meet and how to tap into what they want.

The Dodger

He shies away from interacting with you, hoping you’ll leave him alone while he looks around. He doesn’t stay for long and tries to leave without giving you his name or contact information.

The bottom line: He hasn’t committed to making a move but is considering his options, and he’s afraid you’ll try to force a sale on him. He needs to make these decisions on his own time.

How to handle him: Give him space and watch for whether he lingers over a particular feature of the home. Pop over to…

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Seemingly everyone is playing Pokémon GO. If you’re not already playing it yourself, you’ve no doubt heard about it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the new mobile and augmented reality game from Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company is having an enormous impact on people’s daily routines. This has obsessed Pokémon players taking unusually long walks with their canine friends, people visiting Pokémon Gyms,  and a co-pilots double-fisting smartphones while you’re driving to dinner (please don’t drive and hunt Pokémon — get someone in the passenger seat).

For those not yet in the know, Pokémon GO uses your phone’s GPS and camera to turn the real world into a massive hunting ground for the iconic creatures, but it also transforms local…

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Join us on Saturday, July 16th!

Join The Cascade Team for the North Bend Block Party!  The Cascade Team Real Estate is proud to serve the North Bend community and provide FREE popcorn and give-away prizes!

The North Bend Downtown Block Party and Legends Car Show will be held on Saturday, July 16th noon to 11:00 p.m. and Sunday, July 17th 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Once again the Block Party will have a wonderful lineup of great entertainment, music, activities, tasty local food and drinks for the entire family.

The festivities start at Noon on July 16th and run until 11pm.  Children's booths are open from Noon to 8pm.

The Downtown Block Party is located in the heart of North Bend on North Bend Way between Bendigo Blvd. and Ballarat.

It’s a free…

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Market showing signs of adjusting, but buyers still see double-edged sword

  • King County Prices up 14.7% to $573,522
  • The Cascade Team Average List Price Hits $648,230
  • Inventory shows signs of improvement but still 17.1% below last year's levels.
  • The Cascade Team Listing Inventory Level is up 32% OVER last year's levels!
  • 80% of new listings selling in the first 30 days on market over-all.
  • 89.3% Of The Cascade Team Listings Sell in the first 10 Days!

KIRKLAND, Washington (July 6, 2016) – Home sales around Western Washington continued at a torrid pace during June, but a 10 percent year-over-year increase in new listings has some brokers with Northwest Multiple Listing Service suggesting a little relief may be emerging.


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