I want to give a big personal shout out to Persnickety Lawn and Landscape. Simply put… Our yard was a mess. Over the past four years I have added countless bags of seed, fertilizer, and even resorted to voodoo chants trying to get the lawn in amazing shape. To say I was fighting a losing battle would have been an understatement, so finally my wife Janet said; “Enough!”

Janet found Persnickety online along with a few other companies and set about interviewing landscapers to come in and fix the drainage problems and overall shape of our yard once and for all. It only took her one meeting with Keith Wolfe the owner of Persnickety however to know she had found the right crew to make our dream yard a reality….

The Persnickety Lawn and Landscape crew…

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What Is My Home Worth In Today's Market?

It's Easy, It's Free and you see the most current market data not available to the public.

Are you interested in finding out the value of your home or a home in another area, but not ready to talk with a Broker Yet? With our FREE on-line Market Snapshot you can enter your home address or any other home address and see exactly how the market is going.

Market Snapshot will pull all homes within 1 mile of the address you give and within the size range you specify and show:

  1. Active Homes for Sale
  2. Pending Homes that have an offer.
  3. Sold Homes including the actual closed price, how long the home was on the market, and the difference between the “Asking” price and the actual “Sold” price.

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Selling a home is a seller's market is far different from selling a home in a buyer's market. If you are wondering about our current market, then let me assure you: It is indeed a fabulous time to sell! Not only will your days on market be remarkably fewer in a sellers’ market, but you might receive multiple offers, which could drive up the sales price.

It's generally a good idea to take advantage of pent-up demand because it's the demand that drives competition. The larger number of buyers for your home ought to increase the odds you'll make more money. Some homes, especially those referred to as unique homes, meaning homes that can be difficult to sell in any real estate market, will generally stand a better chance of selling as well in a…

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January 16, 2015 By GuardMe Security

You have a lot on your plate when your home is on the market – from keeping it constantly clean to being prepared to take off at a moment’s notice for a showing. In the midst of everything else going on, it is easy to forget what is most important: home security. Homes on the market are ideal for burglars – especially with the Internet giving them a sneak peek at what is inside. If your home is on the market or about to be, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can keep your home safe.

Precautions to Take While Your Home is on the Market

Between the extra foot traffic and your online virtual tour, these are a few precautions you can take to keep everything secure.

  • Be Aware of What You…

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Understanding the Numbers When Buying in a Low Inventory Real Estate Market

As a homebuyer in today’s market, you’re no doubt at your wit’s end trying to find your dream home.

And when you find a home you love,  you’re competing with all cash offers and bidding wars driving the sales price above what it’s listed for, and many times, even above what the home is actually worth!

While there is nothing you can do to create more homes for sale, you can certainly arm yourself by understanding the trends and patterns in the areas you’re trying to buy in.

While it’s not quite rocket science, there is definitely a significant competitive advantage to those that understand the trends of a real estate market.

Sometimes, being competitive means not…

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A home buyer does not want to be caught off guard in a seller's market. It's one of the reasons that the most important thing a home buyer can do is trust his or her real estate agent to advise on market conditions. If it is a seller's market, it could very difficult, if not almost impossible, to buy the first home a buyer wants to buy.

Because home buyers generally have very little interest in the real estate market when they are not buying a home, they don't always know how the market moves from one season to another, much less from month to month. It is often uncomfortable for a buyer to be told the market is a seller's market when the buyer may believe otherwise -- especially a buyer who is trying to buy in a down real estate market.


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Have you found the house of your dreams yet? If you've found a property you love, you now need to decide how much you're willing to offer. You want to be conservative enough that you get a good deal, but you don't want to bid so low that you risk losing the house. The following are some questions that need to be answered prior to making an offer:

  • How long has the house been on the market? The longer it's been on the market, the more flexible the sellers are likely to be.
  • How much are people paying for similar properties in the area?
  • How much can you afford?
  • Are you pre-approved for a loan? If so, you will be very attractive to sellers, and you'll have more room to negotiate.
  • How badly do you want this sale to go through?
  • See more…

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Sixty-nine percent of consumers recently admitting to having a “home crush”—a property they liked so much they were drawn back to looking at it more than once online or in person, according to a new realtor.com® survey of 1,000 consumers. But men and women respond quite differently to these crushes, according to the survey.

For example, the survey found that women are more likely than men to have a crush on a home that was out of their financial league. Forty-one percent of women revealed their home crush is out of their price range, compared to only 30 percent of men who said the same.

Men were more likely than women to move from one home crush to another. Thirty-six percent of men surveyed say they find a new house crush weekly, compared to…

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Lake Sammamish Homes For Sale

At just under 5,000 acres, Lake Sammamish is the sixth largest lake in Washington and is one of the major recreational lakes in the state. The lake provides activities for fishermen, boaters, jet skiers, water skiers, swimmers, picnickers, and those just wanting to enjoy the scenery. Lake Sammamish is less than a 30 minute drive from Seattle, making it a convenient day trip for visitors and residents of the area alike.  

Lake Sammamish (pronounced "suh-MAM-ish") is a freshwater lake, seven miles long and one and half miles wide, formed by glacial activity. It is bordered by various parks including Marymoor Park at the lake's north end and Lake Sammamish State Park at its south end. Issaquah Creek feeds the…

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Drones have stirred up quite a buzz in the real estate marketing world, but there have been a lot of unanswered questions regarding how they can be used. That is until recently, when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a twenty-six-page docket that grants Real Estate Brokers the right to use drones on a case-by-case basis.

In order to legally use one of these unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for commercial purposes, you must have the expressed permission of the FAA. As of January 2015, only 12 out of the 214 commercial entities that have applied for one of these exemptions have been approved. 

What does the FAA consider as “commercial use”? According to knowbeforeyoufly.org, a website dedicated to providing consumers with insight…

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