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You might know that the Seattle Seahawks are going to destroy the New England Patriots this Sunday, but despite your fandom for the blue and green, there's probably some trivia you'd like to brush up on about your favorite team.

Especially if you're one of the diehard Twelves, you've got to learn these five things about the Seahawks before they take on the Patriots at Super Bowl XLIX.

Grab some Skittles and keep reading.

1. The logo was based off a real transformation mask made by the regional Kwakwaka’wakw tribe.

The designers for the Seattle Seahawks logo were inspired by native Northwest Coast art, specifically settling on a Kwakwaka’wakw transformation mask. In 2014, Robin…

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  • How badly do you want this sale to go through?
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Author:Nancy Robbers

Source: Matt McGee via Flickr Creative Commons.

Super Bowl XLIX has come down to a tale of two coasts: East versus West, colonials versus pioneers, old world versus new. What’s the lowdown on the two cities duking it out on the gridiron? Why do Seattleites and Bostonians consider their town such a great place to live? What’s it like to live there? Most importantly, what signature food might Seahawks and Patriots fans snack on during the big game?


Portal to the Pacific and gateway to the last frontier, Seattle has a lot more going on than coffee, technology and rain.

“There’s something for everyone here,” : “Hiking trails, skiing, craft beer breweries, nightlife, airshows, hydroplane races and…

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See Our Recent Postcard? Here Are The Answers!

Q 1: How Much did the average Trossachs home value increase in 2014?

A: The Average Trossachs Home increased by 8.5% last year. Meaning a home that was worth $700,000 in January 2014 was selling for $759,500 by then end on the year. A “Net” increase of almost $60,000 for a $700,000 home.

Q 2: What is the price per square foot difference between new construction and resale homes?

A: Currently in Trossachs the average New Construction home is selling$248.26 per sq ft. The average size is 3,929 sq ft and is closing for $992,551

Resale homes are selling at $236.81 per sq ft. The average resale home was 3,261 sq ft and closed for $769,039.

Q 3: What is the price per square foot difference…

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